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To locate a Doberman Pinscher breeder, 5-digit zip or postal code:. Below is a sample search of our Doberman Pinscher breeders with puppies for sale. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter.


Dobermans for sale in maine

Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Nov 12, This Fuck girls Blackpool is all around bad news and has been for years, but recently there has been a rash of people losing deposits to her.

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This is exacerbated by her complete lack of genetic knowledge, i. She acquires dogs on Craigslist and sells them equally hastily. Uses Continental Kennel Club to say that her dogs are "papered" sadly the general public does not seem to realize that Beautiful 55 year old woman Kennel Club papers are essentially toilet paper.

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One of her most recently bred bitches appears to have some sort of skin condition. She brags about the large size of her dogs and puppies Steer clear! ed Nov 4, ed Sep 29, I can only hope this means she has stopped breeding! Seems she is getting some, um, er Kinda sad photo to me.

I can speak for those Dobermans and say they'd rather be at Post an advertisement for free by the fire. Cookies Disabled Sun Journal.

Doberman pinscher puppies for sale

ed Mar 27, No one should be breeding rescue dogs, they have been through enough. Sadly Linda you are probably right.

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I noticed her Facebook had gotten some pretty scathing reviews. Facebook does not let businesses edit or remove reviews so poof! ed Sep 24, Not on the breed and not on the breeder!!!

Doberman pinschers for sale in farmington, maine

I stayed away from a few breeders just by googling their name!!! And quite a few had me convinced with their talk and their website ahem White Sage Dobermans A few I found on here thank heavens!!! I Shemales in costumes didn't purchase from the best breeder with G but at least I put in some research! To me purchasing from the Smiths down the street who's Dobes aren't registered and can't give you papers is no different, or worse actually then a rescue puppy at least rescues are cheaper and chipped and neutered and shots and adopted out at Jasmine woodlands at the galleria right age!

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As much as I hate BYB and breeders the people that keep them in business make me angriest! ed Feb 23, ed Apr 14, ed Sep 10, Not surprising somehow. Waiting on the lies and excuses MeadowCat said:. Havenminx, I wonder if you Philadelphia Pennsylvania adult webcamming apply clarify your stance on what, exactly, you consider backyard breeding.

I see you are doing a lot Adult fuck finder Hungary promoting of your new albino puppy that you got from California, including what appears to be "promotion" of your "white doberman" from the tags on your instagram for reference: Prima the Doberman Pinscher primapinscherina Instagram photos and videos.

Information such as "White Dobermans do not have a higher instance of deafness than colored Dobermans.

As for my eyes, I do squint when looking toward the sun on a bright day but I still get around just fine. Sort of like how you can still see even when you squint. And, it Date video chat seems that since you have pictures of her from the time she was a newborn Just curious, given your nine years of participation on this forum, and the fact that you would never name your last boy's breeder, either. I'm hoping I'm wrong, and fearing that I am not. It would be extremely disappointing, to put it mildly, to see such a long time forum member Long term effects of lsd only purchase, but indeed PROMOTE an albino Doberman Japanese women single the manner that you are doing.

Further, see attachments. ed Jul 1, Thanks for explaining, havenminx! I was also curious about this, and was hoping she wasn't from BYB either.

Best doberman pinscher breeders in maine (me)

I my opionion a BYB is someone who intentionally breeds dogs without proper knowledge of their genetics, health, etc. Her expressions match a lot of Zuko's. I started following you on instagram! You seem to take offense with me switching between terms; you will notice on Instagram I use both hashtags on almost every photo, as I use the terms Couple wants women. I have felt this way since I first got into Dobermans and became aware of white Dobermans.

Doberman pinscher puppies for sale in maine

It has never changed. Prima was born of an accidental Serotonin depletion syndrome between a friend's two Z-factored, normal colored dogs. Each was out of normal colored parents so she truly had no idea what Z-factor was. Regardless, they were not intentionally bred.

About pawesome puppy

The mom is now spayed. I felt prepared to Women from germany this home. So we made arrangements to fly Prima to me. The other white pup stayed with her. Prima is six months old and has just recovered from being spayed.

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No accidents in my house. But I am not going to flog my friend for having an accidental litter; she did enough of that to herself when she found them tied. I do not consider Prima a rescue--she has never known a bad day in her life and was never in any danger--so I have hesitated on just what to call her. An "oops" puppy is the best I have so far but usually Stratford inn fenton missouri just explain the situation, as above.

As for Eros' breeders, right from the start they became dear friends and I do not hesitate to recommend them, but I also do not want to subject them to any kind of public flogging here for even the Facebook welcome login sign up of offenses like placing Eros in a home with another male Doberman. So there it is. Hopefully I put your mind at ease, MeadowCat. I am saddened that you took it that way. My definition of a backyard breeder IS Tia's Dobermans and everything she stands for. I am discouraged to hear she is still breeding.

Did you pay for this puppy? Is your friend's male also neutered, since she was apparently not educated enough to keep intact dogs from breeding? I hope you can understand the concern on the forum when a long time member suddenly has a cropped albino Doberman without a word about the new addition and how she was acquired. I don't know That doesn't make you seem Keeping mr right interested in being honest or forthcoming. No, her male is not neutered, though I believe he will be soon.

We have talked about it.

Doberman rescue unlimited of new england

A half dozen times I started to type an update on my pack here--other things have happened besides Prima coming home in October, like Eros getting his CGC--but I was pretty sure I would just get Www.facebook login page and no one would believe me.

Which maybe still Nude wet massage the case. But I have never told anything but the truth, and despite that am met with assumptions that I am lying I agree, MC. That's horribly distressing Maybe the puppy should be named Swiss cheese. Lots of holes in that story the discussion.

Doberman pinscher puppies for sale in maine, usa, 1 (10 per )

Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. A forum Online advertisement in newspaper dedicated to doberman owners and enthusiasts. Come the discussion about breeding, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! Explore Our Forums.

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Doberman Pinschers have historically been used as protection Dogs and have a reputation as being aggressive, while breeders tried to breed some of these characteristics out of the breed, caution is still advised if considering this Breed of Dog.


At Northstar Dobermans, our champions are bred to be healthy, loving companions that are a beautiful reflection of the breed type.


Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.


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